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Award Night

Posted on Jun 14, 2009 by | 2 comments

On the last Thursday in May, Jacob took the day off to be with me. Ok not just to be with me, to make it to my award night we had to leave early and Jacob didn’t want to drive all the way to Norfolk then back to Richmond. So we slept in and trekked out to CW. Jacob got a Good Neighbor’s Pass, a cheap residence ticket to the sites. We didn’t want to spend all day but we walked through the Governor’s grounds, found some beautiful landscaping, an ice dungeon, a wonderful food garden and of course, the maze. The maze was at first infested with middle schoolers running straight through, so we went up the mount. We checked out the maze and hid from the sun. Then we saw the plaque for the mount, it was the home of ice blocks, for those rich parties the Governor threw. We had to go check it out, creepy, I told Jacob I wouldn’t go down there if they let us. Then we went through the now-deserted maze. It was fun, but to actually know if you were doing it right you had to look up at the tops of the bushes because all sorts of people had walked right through walls, mutants! Towards the end the couple who we sat with up on the mount (which overlooks the maze) shouted directions until we came to the middle; they were nice.
Other attractions:
I like to find holes to climb in.
Jacob likes peaches, *sings* “peaches for free, millions of peaches”

Soon it was time to get ready for my award night. We left early to avoid the worst of the traffic. We still hit some stopped cars but made it in perfect time, after a stop to starbucks for an apple fritter 😀
The first hour of the Virginia Acadamy of Science conference at VCU was very awkward, it was just a finger food and mingle hour. We met the man with whom I had corresponded about the evening, and his lovely wife. The next hour was better. We listened to a talk about WoundSTAT a product developed at VCU, it was down to earth and interesting. We got to sit with one of the contributors at the dinner following the lecture. My favorite part of dinner was when the professor was talking about his other favorite project, oxygen carriers, and Jacob piped in, yeah I think I saw something like that on Nova. And the man responded, “yes, PBS did come down a while back.” Bahaha.
Only 3 awards were being given that night so I felt special 😀 Right after got up to be introduced and receive my award, Jacob stood up to take pictures. Before Mr. Bass started my introduction, he pointed out Jacob with the camera, and explained that he was not my research adviser but my husband, Jacob was so embarrassed.
After reading what seemed like my whole college resume he handed me a check and then asked if I wanted to say anthing. *note to self: mom was right, should have written thank you speech* lol. But I love getting dressed up and talking with smart people, or listening to them anyway 😉


  1. Very cool! Congratulations!

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