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Posted on Jun 27, 2009 by | 0 comments

On June 10th, Jacob and I decided to take the day off. Well we got stuck in traffic on our way to Jacob’s half day and it turned into a full day off. Our first stop was at the art museum. We got there before it opened, and after waiting for a bit decided that we had funner places to be than a building full of glass vases. So, in search of a gas station, Jacob turned the wrong way onto a one way street. I can’t blame him for making such a choice because it’s the main road out of Va Beach so it has like 3 or 4 lanes, but it was fun nonetheless. I mean the gas station was only 2 buildings up the road, haha. We then cruised the strip looking for the wildfowl museum. Although I don’t like bird hunting I enjoyed the old pictures of Va Beach, seeing bathing suits from the late 1800’s was a hoot.

We then took our lunch to the boardwalk and went for a stroll up the beach. A few too many times we caught a huge wave, in our pulled up jeans, ick. But I love walking on the beach, and I had fun watching the surfers at the end of our stroll. We walked back on the boardwalk to avoid having to see more tattoos, >.< Next we headed down the street to check out the Aquarium. We had so much fun waving at seals and turtles, petting stingrays and horseshoe crabs, and running into old people and school groups. Jacob thought he was going to win the hand strength competition, but it was a tie, we both maxed out the shark-bite imitator, ha. Jacob was baller at the robot arm, I could not even see if I was going up or down, let alone pick up a sponge! There was a lovely nature walk. It was mainly filled with smokers but we found some free areas. Jacob recognized all the tracks and I started nesting. It took me until the end of our second trek on the nature walk to realize that this was where we came after the whale watching trip I went on in middle school. Weird. After a trip to the salvation army for some two-for-one deals on video tapes, we found a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint that was nice. Well we were starving by then so maybe any food would have been good, ha. I remember going to target before our final destination but I can’t for the life of me remember why…oh yeah, all day we were searching for a certain drink we had coupons for. But every store either sold the drink or took coupons, it was really frustrating, we stopped in so many stores. Anyway, target was also a bust. But then we went to the amphitheater. It felt like a fair or an amusement park, but we walked past all the “attractions” and found some nice grass seats, and layed down for a nap. We were surprizingly surrounded by 13 year olds. Jacob was like, I thought this would be an older concert because of the older band: No Doubt. There were two starter bands. One was swedish and two college girls in the whole place stood up and sang along, Jacob continued his nap. Then Paramour came on. We had never heard of them but apparently they are popular, especially to 13 year olds. Anyway, we really enjoyed the main show. No Doubt are great performers. And even though I am not a hardcore fan, I knew all the songs but about 2. Jacob and I had a blast, we danced and laughed at the space-esque scenery before the light show started and it rocked! Afterwards, I made Jacob stop at the packed Wendy’s drive-thru for some fries and frosties. Then I promptly fell asleep. We got home pretty early for a concert night, before one. But considering our bedtime these days is closer to 9:30 we were beat! But I love play dates, even if we can’t find any free drinks, hehe.

Now for the Photos:

The turtles and me
My Favorite (why is Jacob making a kissy face?)

Jacob’s Favorite (bRAWk)

The Nature Walk

Something smells…Fishy!
(btw Jacob tried to take a few of me, but I could not figure out where to look, concave plastic can be very disconcerting.)

Jacob, sad at the concert because there are TWO warmup bands, and one is Swedish…
Us in our lawn seats before the crowds that packed us in arrived.
The End.

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