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County Fair

Posted on Jul 5, 2009 by | 0 comments

When I heard there was a fair in town, I knew I wanted to go. I was so excited to see the prize-winning canned blueberries and quilts, see the tiniest animals ever, eat funnel cake, and watch kids enjoying their pony rides. But apparently this isn’t how James City County does things. We went last Friday night, we did catch some of the tractor pull. I wasn’t sure how to explain the event to Jacob, honestly because I had never thought about it, I just went with my daddy. But we figured out what was going on. But just like hockey, my favorite part (other than the fights) was the “zamboni” aka a tractor dragging a piece of metal, lol.

I think this guy pulled close to 300 feet, where the rest of the boys in his class were only going about 125′ ha.

I must admit, after being a cheesecake, I kinda felt like eating one. Although, I was a bit conflicted considering it was “on a stick.” I personally would not have enjoyed my time as a cheesecake if I were skewered…

Is it me or does this resemble Mr. Peanut. I mean seriously, add a coat of brown paint and a monocle and voila. Jacob classed it up, as usual.

Although I was VERY disappointed that there were no contest, or contest winners anywhere to be found, I’m happy we got out on a Friday night and I, at least, enjoyed seeing the ‘other side’ of Williamsburg, ha. I’d hate to forget my roots, y’all.

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