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Lab Mojo Friday

Posted on Jul 20, 2009 by | 2 comments

Last week, my lab had a bad week. Nobody’s stuff was really working and some of my labmates had some serious personal struggles. So to increase morale in the lab we took a fun day. Harbron called it: Lab Mojo Friday. We usually have lab lunch on Fridays, so it was only a bit of an extension, well by at least 2 hours haha. In short, we ate lunch, played putt-putt, and went to BerryBody. But our four hour lunch cannot be confined to such a list.

We were headed to IHOP but found piles of tourists. This experience was similar to our attempts to eat at Cracker Barrel in town, sad but it does help us branch out to various lunch spots. We ended up a UNO pizzaria. We love their soup and their gluten-free menu (a must for our lab). Stories about owl attacks and owl knowledge were divulged, as well as exciting weekend plans. Christina got free coffee and Jordan zoned out so bad during our waitress’s pitch about some club or other that he was actually scared when she had wandered behind him and asked, is there any interest? I love that our lunches are never boring.

Putt-putt was awesome. A summer camp group, in matching shirts, had just started a course. The cashier kindly gave us passes to the other course. Brooklyn got 2 hole-in-ones in a row, and two other of us got one a piece. Jordan was a pro! And the rest of us were just average. The course was fun; there were plenty of flying balls, balls off walls, balls in the water, balls through nets, wild. After all the wild fun, we took our lab picture for the summer with Blackbeard, great times!

Harbron, in the cave.
Some of the girls.
The last hole, grr, I hate 2-hole holes.
Lab Photo
Brooklynd had to depart for her flight but, after our tender goodbyes, the rest of us invaded BerryBody. In celebration mood, we all got larger-than-normal sizes. Jacob judged me as he was typing in our recipts during budget time: “medium? Did you really need a medium?” haha. But overall, it was a pretty good use of a Friday if I do say so myself, and our spirits were definitely lifted. I love summer!


  1. Sounds like a great day with your lab! And where is this BerryBody that I must now try?

  2. Haha, it was amazing! There are three flavors of frozen yogurt and all the toppings you could want from fresh fruit to chocolate to captian crunch. It's in the shopping center at the corner of Ironbound and Rt. 5, with that Farm Fresh. It is a blast and makes a great date night!

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