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New chairs…kind of…

Posted on Jul 1, 2009 by | 0 comments

So months ago we found some chairs at the CHKD thrift store. They were wonderfully cheap because someone painted them 3 different colors, and each one was painted differently, *sigh* But I’m not one to turn down a deal, so we picked up the sturdy but ugly chairs. Since that time, Jacob has gotten inspired to improve their look. He really wanted to use milk paint when he was thumbing through my dad’s book but we settled for some normal paint. It was hard picking a color. I think we settled on “Red Fox” or something of the sort, totally brick/Williamsburg looking. I love it, especially once I saw it on the wood. I can only assume how hard sanding is, since I cannot stand the sound/feel of the act, but I know how much work Jacob has put into this first chair and that it is not easy at all. But I loved painting it with him and I absolutely am in love with our chair’s new look. (Oh and we found out on our first trip to Ikea that our chairs were originally from there, ha!)

Jacob hard at work on the next one:




Then we popped on some feet and voila, a brand new chair 😀

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