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Our Holiday Weekend

Posted on Jul 6, 2009 by | 2 comments

This weekend started with our 6 month anniversary. The day was full of inconveniences. I left my keys in the apartment (so catching a ride home was pointless) , Jacob forgot to charge his phone and left his earpiece (so I couldn’t keep him company in traffic 🙁 ), and then, to top it off, the tunnel flooded and took all day to empty or something. Anyway, it all ended alright, after my Jacob spent 3+ hours in traffic, he met me in the parking lot of the ISC around 9 pm with a huge hug! Romantic anniversary, huh?

Friday was our Saturday. We yard-saled, farm freshed, picked up my truck with a new fuel pump (YAY for a working vehicle!), picked up a gift for my mother’s birthday, and read. It was great to take a day off together, and we ran into the Moons and the Pasquinis, too. I made pizza for dinner and Jacob is in love with the recipe I found for the no-rise dough, so he made me write it down. I suppose that kind of started my recipe obsession.

Saturday was wonderful in that we just took a break. Jacob got to work hard on his websites, he picked a winner of his competition for a new design, and I’m so excited about his work. I understand how hard it is to work hard when you feel like you’ve hit a wall, and now he just bust through said wall and is running with his work, I’m so happy as he is happy and devoted to his work. While he was busy, I started my recipe book and meal planned for the first time in a while. I found a really simple casserole recipe and made it for dinner, one more recipe card for the book! The book is a better working recipe holder for me than a box because I like to have options, and I just get tired of flipping through the box. Yay for organization!

Sunday was a struggle. I’m still getting used to children in general. But the bishop gave a wonderful sharing time about reverence being about love and respect. And, our lesson went well when we incorporated tic-tac-toe into the class, haha. But the afternoon turned out great with some taco salads. Jacob crashed and gave me a bit of time to read and just chill. When he woke up he wanted some quality time. He’s been encouraging me to paint (he got me or made me everything I needed over the past 7 months), so he read to me while I started a new painting. I really loved it, I’ve missed painting, but I’ve been wanting to read with Jacob for a while too. I think we may have started a new tradition 😀 Jacob always knows how to make my sadder days (I had to return a book to the library without having finished it, yeah, I’m a brat) happy, like really really happy.

Oh and on a side note (and to add a picture):
We are ‘officially’ prepared:

This is our new addition to our food storage. With our freezer full of butter and cheese, a closet full of bottled water, some baking powder, our salt, honey and a few 72oz bag of chocolate chips, I think we are set for the end of days, or at least we’ll have cookies and cheesy rice and wheat bread on our way out of this world 😉


  1. Wow! You guys certainly are prepared! I like the painting, too!

  2. Congratulations! I didn't realize how newly married you two are. I'm excited to find/subscribe to your blog!

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