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Weekend Visitors

Posted on Jul 27, 2009 by | 0 comments

Friday, Rachel and Jonathan left mid-afternoon to come and visit us. Jacob took the day as a work from home day and I am so grateful he did. (All the chores I had procrastinated got done, miraculously, whoop). They got here right around dinner time, so Rachel and I whipped up some fried rice for our men. Then, since they were in such a touristy mood, we ran out to Pirate’s Cove to play some putt-putt. Jacob and I each got a hole-in-one on one of the first 3 holes but on the whole course, let me just say: girls rule and boys drool!! Haha.

Jacob’s hole in one, he was reallly awkward about the picture, obviously.

My hole in one-sies.

Ohh, waterfall=photo op.

Putt Putt!!

Jonathan and Rachel suggested a Pirate-y picture. Jacob failed at looking ruthless.

Saturday, we had some breakfast and read the comics. Next to our comics section is the classifieds section, we scanned the garage sales. We decided to hit up one across town that touted a large VHS selection. And when Rachel and Jonathan learned that, if they wanted, they could be the new owners of our old VCR they were very excited to join us. Well, we drove around the block like twice trying to find it, but it was worth it. The movies were 4/$1, duuuude they are usually a dollar a piece, We spent at least $14 on movies, it was wild. When we walked up three of us were immediately drawn to their video stacks and draws and all the piles of movies, all of which were taken care of very well and rewound. However, we lost Rachel on the way she stopped to pick up the Christmas ornaments. The lady kept going on about the name and how they still had their original boxes etc, but Rachel only saw the 10-25 cent price tags and the cute Santas and was drooling. We had a wonderful stop! We also stopped at one other sale, everything was pretty expensive, the house was pretty close to campus so no surprise there. Jacob found an apple peeler/corer and I told him that I wasn’t paying ten bucks for it, that’s probably how much she wanted. We went up to ask and she said, uh, do you have a dollar? I said yes, we do have a dollar! I was a little embarassed when down at the car I was making a plan with Jacob on how to get out of the neighborhood when she hollared from her stoop that the road loops. We were much closer and louder when discussing the peeler than at the car…on the other hand, perhaps I got a good deal by being whiney 😉

Then we made our way out to the Jamestown Settlement. Jonathan loved the museuminess of it. Jacob had never been so it was exciting for him too, well atleast the weapons excited him.

The one tower/monument that confounds every visitor. *Insert head scratch here*

Jonathan was really excited about seeing the boats. He had seen them coming back to Williamsburg on the ferry after a trip to Smithfield. We blew through the Native American settlement and enjoyed the boats. Here is a picture of the tourists:

And again. We were up on the Captain’s balcony, I love the rope, ha.

Us on the balcony. Jacob really didn’t want to accept that so many men shared so little a space for so many months…We were cramped with just a few families around us, and we weren’t trying to shoot or swab anything.

My little crew boy! Or my little Pocahantas 😉 Just kidding, he isn’t “wanton.”

The reason I will not let them get married yet: I’m worried about their abusive relationship.

Here is Jacob, up on his soapbox once again.

Are they actually listening to him? Really?

The blacksmith shop was awkwardly closed. Jacob and I argued about how the well worked, the moment we had agreed on the function of the rope and stick, the man working wood told us we were wrong and that they tied the well-dipper every time. And then Jacob and I bonded in laughing at how ridiculous that would be. I noticed they destroyed the kitchen and chicken coop along with the oven where I learned all about Jamestown bread making with my theta girls. It was kind of sad to see it completely gone. We took a stop in the church before hearing the musket demonstration and making our way to the stage. We hit up the gift shop on our way out and played the cup and ball game for hours (it seemed). A nice man stopped to explain the secret, and we can just stay I am a quick and learner and Jacob….isn’t. 😉 Rachel complained about the expensive Christmas ornaments. I tried to remind her that she just bought some for 10 cents, and if these were only a dollar she would still not be happy. 😛 She can be silly some times but boy, do I love her.

We had a late lunch at the Chickahominy House. They had some really good food, I just loved thier ham biscuits. Both Jacob and I ordered a fruit salad…instead of being fruit or salad it was a mix of the two. A leaf of lettuce, half of a peach, some ranch dressing topped with grated cheddar. Yeah, um I wasn’t going to eat that. haha. But the biscuits were good, and Rachel loved her chicken and dumplings. We headed home for some needed air conditioning and rest. Jacob and I played our new game Super Racko (10 cents) and soon Jacob and I were headed out to our tri-ward celebration of pioneer day, a bit of a cook out. We only hung out for a bit because I started feeling sick. But we chatted with some friends, including our Bishop whose family has deserted him for a month or so of visiting family. But he and the rest of the Business department at W&M are now moved into their new building! Yay.

Rachel and Jonathan had run out to do some shopping at the outlets, some kitchen accessories and some shorts for him. Rachel and I made some dinner, we tried a new broccoli cheddar soup recipe. And we just chilled for the evening. We talked cooking a lot, and she went home with a pile of new recipes to try. We really loved having them over. It was like a really long double date and it gave Jacob and I an excuse to go out.

They left Sunday after some cinnamon buns for breakfast. We loved having them over and can’t wait to see them again.

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