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Back to School

Posted on Aug 29, 2009 by | 0 comments

It’s weird, it’s fun, it’s exciting, yet at the same time crazy hard to bear, it’s school!! Yay! I am very excited about my classes this year. I am taking Advanced Organic Chemistry, History and Religion of Ancient Israel, Mechanics of Materials, Adventure Games, and the normal chemistry seminar, a visiting lecturer every Friday. I’m also doing Honors Research, which will end in a thesis in the spring. My religion class is in Wren. This is my only class I’ve ever had there and I already love it, everything is wood, the building has no running water, and right next to my class is an awesome meeting room with paintings of our chancellor and Mr. George Washington and cool old chairs that are way to small to sit in comfortably but are hand flipping made. So that is neat. And I have Orgo with a lot of friends, including Kate, Natasha and Tara.

I’m really excited about this semester as you can see by Jacob’s picture of me on my first day:

He was determined to have a picture of me with my lunchbox and backpack. If I remember right, I put shoes on before leaving for school, but this was taken at 6:15 in the ams, sheesh. I’m so happy about this semester, even with all the reading I have to do, haha. Plus, it looks like I’ll be able to regularly eat with Kate again, and be able to attend institute. Yay!

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