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School Supplies Drive

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 by | 0 comments

Have you ever been forced to participate in a drive of some sort? In high school we had a toys for tots toy drive around Christmas, the areas high schools went head to head to try to earn a free concert with their charity. I enjoyed helping, and sometimes extra credit was granted for participation and such, so maybe I was coaxed, a bit. Hehe.

Jacob’s work is often participating in charitable events. Just a few weeks ago Jacob helped in the companies effort to give back to a state park by building a fence. Last Friday was the culmination of the company’s school supplies drive. But this charitable fun was made more competitive (like my high school days) by breaking up the company into teams. Each item that was needed was given points and each team a box to put their donations in. The items were things like glue sticks, pencil boxes, pens, backpacks, folders, and composition notebooks. All the items had positive points from 1-10 except the composition books which, for fun, were negative 10. Jacob was wise and didn’t buy any, wishing only to contribute to his team’s fun and not take away from others’. The I.T. team was sneaky and kept all their goods in their boss’ office until counting day, well all except one box of colored pencils that Jacob put in for fun. He was actually accused of stealing it from Marketing’s box, haha.

Jacob told me that it took his whole team several trips from their boss’ office to bring out their stash. And we can safely say they filled the box and then some. Even though they were hit with a last-minute stash of over a hundred composition books, it was to no avail. I.T. won with a couple thousand points and a competitive spirit, er I mean, giving hearts.
This is only part of the haul, but it earned them a “free” lunch and bragging rights, at least until the next competition.

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