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Posted on Sep 10, 2009 by | 1 comment

Jacob’s websites have been doing well recently. One site is his main source of side revenue and therefore the one he puts the most work into (chicken or egg? …I’m not quite sure). He just revamped the look of the Fake Name Generator, and made the blog for it more readable, as well as inserted a very functional comment page for feedback. His most recent addition is the multilingual feature, maybe it will increase his traffic from China and Europe. (btw, anyone know Arabic?) He gets so excited about changes and new ideas. I love seeing his creativity in all of his projects and improvements.

Jacob was really excited to find that his website was central to a new project (meme?) that is flowing through the blogs all over.

Create your own book cover or album art.

  • Generate a random name
  • Generate a random verb
  • Search Flicker for your verb, pick a picture
  • Crop, edit your picture, place your title (verb) and author/artist (name) on your cover.

Here is mine!

People use his site to generate a fake name, you can even use it to create a random verb. He pointed me to Picnik to edit my cover. When I generated my name I chose, from the many options, a French Female.

So if you have a few moments, and feel like having some completely random fun, you should go create your own. It was surprisingly fun. And who doesn’t like browsing flickr for beautiful captured artwork.

(I’m not actually going to tag any of you, but if you do try it out, let me know!)

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  1. Your hubby is such a smarty! It's great he's doing so well! Of course, you're such a smarty too! You two make a fantastic team 🙂

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