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0.75 Years

Posted on Oct 3, 2009 by | 1 comment

It’s a bit odd. Contemplating the odd place we are in, not quite “established” because we are still considered newlyweds, but not quite fresh out of the temple either.

We have been very comfortable living together from the get go. Jacob is really considerate and mold-able. That pretty much explains our compatibility 😉 Ok maybe not all of it…

I have done a lot of adapting myself. For instance, I now generally brush after breakfast. This is small but very different for me. Adaption happens in every part of your lifestyle when living with a total stranger that you happen to love with all your heart.

Daily cooking is also very new to me; I can only say I was adequately, not even close to entirely, prepared. I cannot say that I love it, but Jacob likes my food and I enjoy that. Plus, I love the money savings and increased health of our meals compared to eating out, which was a staple in our dating life. My mother taught me well when it comes to the kitchen. I never had to do it everyday so the stuff I didn’t learn at home is obviously the hardest like meal-planning and well actually that’s the worst part . But as we stock up our cupbords with food storage, I have more freedom in the “wing-it” category, which is my favorite since I don’t actually have to “plan”.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that our first 3/4 of a year has been filled with compromise, love, compassion, and communication (with most of our downer days caused solely by lack of enough sleep). I must admit all of these are things I am learning to do, especially that last one. It wasn’t easy, well except for the date nights which are always easy. However, it really is wonderful to come home to a home that you’ve made and a husband who loves you and treats you like a queen.

I’m so blessed, unbelievably really. I’m grateful for my wonderful husband of 273 days. I’m grateful for the love of my parents and my new in-laws. And I’m grateful my husband is supporting my decision to go to graduate school. This is very important to me and I know we can make the next 5 years work…some how. Here’s to another three quarters of a year and on to eternity! 😀

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  1. I can't believe it's already been 9 months! Congrats!

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