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General Conference Boredom Buster

Posted on Oct 12, 2009 by | 0 comments

Bored may be a strong word…maybe sleepy is the more correct term. But on Sunday, during songs and our break between sessions, Jacob and I got crafty! My mother kept an art project of mine from middle school…a birdhouse with naked red people dancing about. It was inspired by a wonderful artist but I’m truly amazed this made it through the past 6 or 7 years considering it embarrassed my mother to death! She always hid it behind other pictures and books on the shelf. During the past move out/move in of my parents, I was suggested (forced) to take quite a bit of my stuff home, including this masterpiece.
Jacob and I decided instead of throwing it out we would love our own birdhouse, just not a naked people one. So we covered in some old paint we had laying around.
Since giraffe colors were what we had, that is the design of our new paint job. For the moment it is just another dust-collector in our living room, but I hope this spring it will become a functional home for cute little birdies.
One thing learned: Jacob and I do not draw the shapes of spot similarly, but the colors are the same so I’m sure no one will notice. 😉

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