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Homecoming Win Over the Dukes

Posted on Oct 25, 2009 by | 2 comments

Jacob and I finally went to a football game. We went to W&M’s Homecoming game against JMU today. Our team did very well. There were some questionable plays, and some questionable calls but with a final score like 24-3, who can complain? 😀 Early in the first quarter, our quarterback threw the ball straight up in the air while getting sacked, which of course turned into an interception. It was ridiculous! But after that life was good, including a nice pass-interference call with 6 seconds to go to the half, which put us in field-goal range, woot!
Early on a good friend found us and hung out the entire game. I love my old roommate, Amallie! We have strong traditions with tribe football and being there in the student section, in pigtails. Catching up on gossip while watching one of my favorite sports with a close friend brought back freshman year memories to no end. It is weird being a senior, I’ve always been the kind to drag my feet to change, but I love this school. I love my few dear friends and my entrancingly beautiful campus. I was able to show Jacob the Wren Chapel and upstairs where I have my Ancient Israel class, what a lucky dog I am, and it hits me everyday now that my days are numbered. What an awesome place to get educated is my Alma Mater!

Anyway, back to game day. Jacob took a picture of us right when they started tossing t-shirts. You can see one flying in the background and obviously I was distracted.

Then Jacob took a good one.

It was fun sitting next to the pep band and in front of the cheerleaders. The stands weren’t as packed as I thought they’d be for a sell-out game, but they did a weird thing with the student section for homecoming but it all worked out, and we weren’t sardines so that is always good.

Up the stands about 5 rows I caught sight of one of my best chemistry buddies, Natasha. I realized we are always always in class together but never have had a photo op. She is graduating this winter, and spring sure will be lonely without her.

It was quite a hot day for late October, and threatening rain so very humid as well. Thankfully it only sprinkled a bit and did not pick up until we were already headed to our car. But for a noon game the clouds were perfect. Jacob really isn’t a sports fan, but he puts up with a lot for me, even long boring football games and I love him for it 😀 Thanks for coming with honey, it wouldn’t have been near as much fun without you!


  1. I'm so proud of our little football team this year! We actually had tickets to that game but didn't make it because Mike ended up having to work :(.

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally wanted to see if you two were going! I can't believe we have won so much, haha. Go Tribe!

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