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Party like it’s Windows 7 release!

Posted on Oct 25, 2009 by | 0 comments

Jacob is a lover of free things. Right now he is downloading all sorts of free games and toys for his newly-installed Linux on his way-old desktop. He caught wind a while back that if he signed up for a chance to throw a party for the Windows 7 (new operating system) and he was chosen he would get a free copy of the new OS. So of course he signed up. But what wasn’t expected was that he was chosen! Like, what?! About 2 weeks ago he received his new OS and likes it a lot, speedy speedy is his main comment on it.

Thursday night was the big night. We stocked up on refreshments on Wednesday and Thursday morning I made sure the house was in order (at least any visible parts of it ;)), and that all the decorations were set up, including a centerpiece of computer parts. I found out about 2 hours before the start that none of Jacob’s co-workers were coming. Ha, that was the main set of invitees. Thankfully I had invited my lab and 3 of my lab-mates plus Kate came to hang out and eat our food. 😀

One of my friends has Celiac disease, therefore I needed a dinner that was gluten-free. Another lab buddy is a vegetarian who is largely lactose-intolerant. Talk about needing to get creative. I was about to just serve salads, when I thought about chili. We have a very simple chili recipe with just beans and tomatoes, which fit the complicated order. I was really happy to be able to serve all of my friends without too new of a recipe. We ate it on salads with (gluten-free) chips to make it a taco salad.

After dinner, we broke out a set of playing cards that came as a door prize with the party kit (which included crepe paper, balloons, both in windows colors, as well as psychedelic bags and cards and a puzzle! Oh and examples of how to show off Windows 7 too…), and played Scum a.k.a. Capitalism. Oh my it was fun, one girl was scum for almost the entire time, poor Katie. And Jacob wasn’t too awkward surrounded by girls who talked a lot about chemistry. But we laughed so much that it hurt! And the constant moving of the game was good too, one was never too far away from the snacks for too long. Yay for parties forno, I mean, silly reasons!


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