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One Wonderfully Wise Husband

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 by | 0 comments

I was looking through some of our wedding photos the other day. I mentioned, jokingly, to Jacob that I would never be as pretty as I was that day *insert sigh* haha. I loved my hair and my dress and we were both just so happy the whole day, well at least for the photographed parts 😉 But Jacob knows it is his job to make sure I know how pretty I am everyday so he drew me a diagram on the chalkboard. The surface was actually not tall enough to fit the to-scale drawing. So he added a piece of paper.

Please excuse the messy lists and craft projects, and yes that little peak is labeled “Reese Witherspoon” a.k.a. Jacob’s hollywood crush p.b. (pre-becca, that is).

The paper has a peak labeled “Becca” at the top. Between the peak and the pushpin is a line denoting “Normal Becca”. Apparently I’m still pretty hot on a normal day. Also depicted is me at my worst, “Becca Valley”. Which is levels above silly Reese at her best, pfft!

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