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Competitive Date Night

Posted on Nov 14, 2009 by | 1 comment

Jacob was cramped in the house for two days straight, and largely without his wife. This was very taxing. We decided to break out a very typical date night that we have been avoiding for a while, mainly because all I want to eat when we drive up Richmond Road is breakfast food but they are all closed on Friday nights, boo.

Jacob took me bowling. We hadn’t been in a while, but I feel it is a nice balance between my sports-loving self and, well, the complete opposite feelings felt by Jacob. I must admit, in any contact-acceptable game, whether it is basketball, hockey, or bowling, I absolutely LOVE knocking things down. (that red is for the love/heart aspect of the word, not the implied blood involved in such activities ;))

After Jacob got his tail whooped (note to self: opt for bumpers next time for my poor husband), he took me out to the fancy Cracker Barrel down the street. I don’t think I had had chicken-fried steak in years, so it was such a treat to get some with that macaroni and cheese. Jacob chose some fish, which isn’t something I actually prepare at home often either.

We went home and set up the Wii for some Raving Rabbids, our favorite game. It offers great exercise and a pinch of competition. Let’s just say that my pride was subdued, and great was the fall thereof.

Maybe weekly date-nights, at least conventional ones aren’t for us. But spending time together, and making time for each other and not only for chores is something that I have really come to appreciate as a requirement in our marriage. I’m happy Jacob has too.

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  1. 1. I love Cracker Barrel mac and cheese!
    2. Nothing better than a little competition among husband and wife, hahaha!

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