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English Country Dancing

Posted on Nov 26, 2009 by | 0 comments

Every Thursday I receive and email informing me of some of the events happening around campus each weekend. A week ago, the email told me of a Jane Austen Night, complete with games, dancing and a viewing of Persuasion. I told Jacob I really wanted to go, so we made a date. I put on my period day dress after I taught institute at 4. I will seriously use any excuse to put on that dress, I might even start wearing it to church again I love it so much.

I was in costume, however, it appears that our school’s English Country Dancing Club had a ball earlier this semester so many of the ladies in the club had fashioned their own costumes with more luxurious fabrics. It was so much fun to be around so many other lovers of the time and the stories. After some getting to know them a bit over some board games and brownies, we all congregated in the hall where a flute player was waiting for us. It was quite enjoyable to learn a few dances. Only a pinch confusing at first, but it is nicely repetitive so you have plenty of tries to get it right. It gives you a good idea on the dynamics shown in the movies; how conversing can occur over time with your partner without your neighbors knowing all your conversation but none of it is really private because you are in such close connection with couples around you.

A little confession: I have never read or seen the story of Persuasion. That always makes following the story exciting. However, the thick accents in this rendition of the story was particularly difficult to understand, making the story hard to grab and follow at first. Jacob was amused by the exaggerated responses to the romantic parts. And it was quite foreign to me to have men around while us women were swooning over love stories in a beautiful time period which were made extra romantic by British accents. But it was a really wonderful movie, and I cannot help but love Captain Wentworth and his persistent devotion to Anne. I’m very grateful for Jacob, who is willing to dance (even English Country style) and watch girly movies with me.

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