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I wasn’t aware power ever cut out in the “big city”

Posted on Nov 19, 2009 by | 1 comment

Wednesday might have been a rainy day perfect for pontification, but Thursday the storm only grew in our part of the state. I’m very glad Jacob had the foresight to stay home. His boss called around 8 to inform Jacob that he couldn’t find a way into Norfolk (all the bridges to Portsmouth, like the Midtown and the Downtown were flooded and closed). The bossman did eventually find a way to the waterside building just to find out that the building managers were closing it at noon! I’m so grateful Jacob just worked from home. I didn’t get much done, to be honest, that morning, but that’s ok. The rain wasn’t too bad while I was on campus walking from class to practice and such. The wind was strong enough that my umbrella did get ripped up but such is life on the coastal side of the state.

Schools all over were closed or half-day. All classes on W&Ms campus after 4pm were canceled. Practice for some reason did not count, so I still lifted at 4 as usual. But when I got out, it was quite severe. I ran to my truck in the parking lot but it didn’t help much, I was still soaked when I got home. It was coming down so hard. I could barely see and almost ran into a runner while turning left, thankfully we both reacted and injuries were avoided. I also, for a bit, had to drive without my glasses because they were fogging up with all the rain and heat. But it was a scary drive home, especially on the dark stretches of road.

I warmed up in the shower when I got home while Jacob made us some pizza. We sat down to relax and watch Glee. About halfway through the show, our power cut out. Jacob went and found a flashlight or two. I gathered some candles and we did some intense scripture study. I later diverted my attention to my Advanced Orgo homework while Jacob entertained himself with the remaining hour of battery life on his computer (you didn’t think he could stay away did you? ;)).

Our power was still off in the morning, and didn’t come back until the early afternoon. Thankfully, it was also a day for pizza lunch with the visiting chemistry speaker because Jacob and I hadn’t wanted to risk opening the fridge. Jacob’s building was closed and the town of Norfolk and surrounding areas were in disrepair, to say the least. My old roommate, Amallie, posted a picture of a dolphin swimming in her “backyard”, she lives on the Suffolk side of the James River and their backyard was quite reduced in size, well the ground part of it. On campus the worst of it was definitely Thursday night. Friday felt like a fresh clean day.

Perks of apartment living:

  • The warmth stays even when the power is gone because there are fewer exterior walls
  • Your water pump isn’t run by your power, so you still have running water YAY!

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  1. I so agree with the excitement of having running water without electricity. Those of us that have grown up in the country know what an amazing blessing that is! Life is so much harder without running water! Glad to see I'm not the only one that knows that from experience 😉

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