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Is October Already Gone?!

Posted on Nov 1, 2009 by | 1 comment

Friday night, Jacob and I skipped out on the ghost tour of the LDSSA but caught up with the party outside the Kimball just in time to find that we were locked out, whoops. Bro. N was wonderful enough to come and save us. There were some wonderful costumes including a Snuggie, a perpetual student, a snowboarder, and a lumberjack. Once we got in we started carving. Kate was quite disappointed to learn that I wasn’t actually grossed out by pumpkin guts (as I had acted a year ago when I was still in flirt mode). I guess I don’t like being lied too either 😉

Our costumes were a bit last minute thrown together. I let Jacob wear my awesomest jersey, and played his gold-digger (or, as Rachel very nicely suggested, his supermodel girlfriend).Classy, I know.

Sarah was a cat, a very slow cat (along with ears she had a spiderweb on :D)

Kate’s costume was AMAZING. I love my BFF, and her enthusiasm about this holiday. Last year she was barbie, and that is so not her normal thing but she looked amazing. This year she was another out-of-character act: a housewife. You can’t beat her amazing robe, the curlers, and the pink fuzzy slippers, ha! Gen was a very warm snowboarder (what a warm late October day it was).

Rachel was very cute while carving her pumpkin; I was lucky enough to capture it on digital film. Joe had lost his wig by now, but it was pretty spectacular.

The “housewives”!

Little “Bec-cob” on the left, Jacob told me if that was how our child came out, he would put it back. Wolverine’s skewer claws are in the middle, and Gen’s wonderful creation (a scary skull) is on the right.

On top of being a new mommy for Halloween, I got to be a mummy too!

Hulking out of my wrappings (3 rolls of ludwell 1-ply paper :D)
I must thank my wonderful husband, who somehow survived the singles’ activity so I could carve a pumpkin, laugh at the other costumes, and get some girl time. You’re the best, honey!

Saturday was a bit less eventful than I had expected. Our apartment complex asked for us to sign up as an unit that was ok to visit. They promised a list, so we could ballpark the candy amounts. Jacob grew up hitting the apartment complexes for major candy jackpots on Halloween so he was even more surprised than me at our amount of visitors. Would you like to guess how many cute costumed children we had?

I’ll give you a hint:



[(5*5 – 3*4 + 1) /7 + 2] /4 = our large number of visitors!

Add 4 adults, who escorted this cute, mute, first-timer and we had quite a crowd.

Jacob is so sad we have so much candy left, and yes actually he is. We usually have a bag of candy around for ourselves (oink oink) but we bought a huge bag from Sam’s for our slew of munchkins and really do not have the tummy room for extras. Whoops. Tomorrow is even fast Sunday, so no off-loading candy onto the children of poor, unassuming parents. Ha.

So after a bit of waiting around we ran out to make sure we had all the fixen’s for a crock-pot dinner today, a must on a fast Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful safe Halloween too!

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  1. I wish we lived in Williamsburg 🙁 That was our original plan… Miss you!

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