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Rainy Day But Sunshiny Soul

Posted on Nov 12, 2009 by | 0 comments

Today was a very adventurous day, I don’t usually have crazy Wednesdays. But rain kind of makes walking an adventure. Puddle avoiding, and umbrella fixing (while walking) are sports in my book. My adventure games teacher makes jump roping an adventure. My advanced organic teacher makes mechanisms an adventure (higgle-y piggle-y arrows! Just because he draws them that way doesn’t mean he just made them up). My ancient Isreal teacher makes the Hebrew language an adventure…ok it would be one no matter what, but I think learning something new is adventurous, just as much as trying something new. Learning that Ha-Satan means “the adversary” is adventurous, and so is jumping through a rope the width of a basketball court with 24 other people!

But so is facing the unexpected. Jacob and I started the day planning his airplane trips and ended the day deciding to cancel and buy me a ticket instead. I wasn’t sure if I was going to a chemistry conference this January or not but my research adviser has renewed my spirits about my senior thesis. I want to go, I want to talk about my dyes, and I also want to visit my Nanny! We decided that today, I’m flying to Florida in January…see adventurous.

Jacob and I went shopping at Belk. We have been looking all over for sweaters that will fit a man with a concave, instead of the normal convex, belly. We found some that didn’t emphasize his shape in an unflattering way. I was really excited to find some. He was holding up the second one when over the loud speaker was announced that a free gift would be given to everyone who showed up in a certain part of the store in 2 minutes. In line with the day, we adventured ourselves right over there. I can now make a basket out of a watermelon with my free gift! He sweaters were both 50% off and we found a gift card that we still hadn’t be able to find a use for there and were happy to empty it 😀

After dinner, I adventurously started a half-batch of peanut butter blossoms! I love these things, and tomorrow is our RS meeting where the assignment was to bring our favorite holiday cookie. But I didn’t want too many because I had just made chocolate chip cookies on Sunday… but it turns out that the “full” batch was the half batch of my mother’s recipe. For my quarter recipe, I ended up having to use a half egg. Yep, a half egg, who does that? An adventurous girl, that’s who! Jacob suggested I scramble it then use just half of it, we sure are crazy around here. My quarter batch made a perfect amount: 2 batches of 12. I won’t shy away from doing it again as long as we have eggs to spare, or french toast to make.

(I was even adventuring into photography)

And do you know how I was able to survive today’s crazy adventure?? Jacob woke up late this morning, wasn’t even out of the shower by the time he usually leaves most mornings. But before he walked out the door he suggested we read scriptures. This was the first time we had tried it in the morning, and I think it went a long way. I hope we do it more often. Even on rainy days, one should start it with a splash of sunshine!

In amazing amazing news, my sister has started cooking. I’m so happy for her. She made a turkey and some burritos and turkey pot pies to freeze (for her fiance to eat when he gets home before she does) a week ago. My parents gave her their old food processor so she was able to make turkey and dumplings soup this week along with a homemade loaf of bread. I was astounded when she started talking about all this, I made sure to check ID to see if she is really my sister, the one who if she had to feed herself would only eat beefaroni. I’m so proud of her. Mom and Dad are really enjoying eating meals over at her house with no clean up. I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t ever cook again if she didn’t have to so Rachel had better be careful 😉

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