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A Rare White Christmas

Posted on Dec 30, 2009 by | 1 comment

I was very happy to go to my parents for Christmas. Everywhere in the state except us had a huge snow storm a week before the big holiday which had the whole state mystified. This was quite a wet month. It stormed almost every weekend, my parents narrowly escaped an accident on snowy 81 when they came up December 5th and then all this plus it rained all day Christmas day, a weird mix of ice and rain. Honestly, however, we didn’t care because we were to busy opening presents and playing with Jacob’s new toy. Ok so maybe we cared a bit because we had to load up the truck, sleigh-style, with all the gifts and get over to Rachel’s house in the icy mix. We were safe, but it was scary how slick everything was, even the gravel.Christmas eve was full of nothing but shinanigins. Cookie making (and breaking) some fun ATVing before Jacob hurt himself and Rachel and Jonathan arrived. Some awesome dip and chips to accompany the traditional Die Hard viewing. Perfection.

All geared up for some snow doughnuts!
So, uh, the snow was a bit, uh, hard. Although not here, it was in a similar position where Jacob strained his back and was on the couch for the entire day, except when he was getting up to find cookies to eat.
Cookies like these. This was the first (and only after the accident) batch of yummy Peanut Butter Blossoms! Jonathan was having more fun than that for real. Mom is pretty much never working, Dad has to command her to stop when he wants a posed picture, I wish I had her diligence.
This was Rachel’s first accident. Dad’s elbow jerk + open tubs of gourmet sugar crystals = a bit of mess. But not quite as messy as the sheet of hot-out-of-the-oven PBBs that she flipped onto Dad’s beloved wood floor. (He is quite the floor scrubber these days, Mom had to check his ID every now and then, hah.) Rachel took leave of the kitchen after the second mishap, poor chika.
Isn’t that a ridiculous amount of presents for 6 adults? And most of them are hiding behind the tree, no lie.
My awesomest present from my parents!! Mom started it before our wedding but then she got making my dress and, you know, planning a wedding and all. Anyway, it is so beautiful. The pattern is nice and geometric, and perfectly matching my color scheme. The fabrics are beautiful, and really great together. Mom has really come so far in her ability to pick and work with colors. I wouldn’t have “ordered” brown but it works so well I wouldn’t have it any other way now. I works with all the decorations in our bedroom and actually brought them all together. THANKS MOM!!!!

Jacob got me some sweet things too. I got some lovely earrings. They are gold with dangling emeralds, my birthstone but together, my school colors 😀 He showed them to me (online) a while back for approval but did an excellent job throwing me off the scent with dismissive comments and even looking at other earrings together. He is so smooth. (Or I am so gullible.) He also got me some reusable handwarmers, which resulted in a family chemistry lesson. He is so wonderful to me.

Jacob can’t complain about his haul either. His dad sent him an air rifle that we got to play with up here, shooting at barrels and cans and snow. And I spoiled my little boy rotten with a new toy. I really hate video games, well uneducational brain-rotting ones. But body-building ones are cool, I decided, and we can both benefit from a bit of in home exercise fun! (even if it is more fun than exercise ;)) I’m pretty sure we logged 6 hours the first day. I don’t know how, but I convinced him to bring up our wii so we could play on my parents new huge fancy TV.
I think he was convinced his big gift was auto related. I tried really hard not to spill the beans, I had to come up with a fake present. A “pie dish” was what the heavy box with a handle contained. I talked about how much fun we were going to have “cooking” after Christmas. I was so worried about Jacob’s back not being healed enough for play, but a couple of painkillers and a good nights rest later and he was set to play 😀

Saturday was a warmer day. We drove out to Floyd for some shopping (antiques, snacks, guns, the usual) and some pizza (anything but ham and turkey, that was all we had for days! good, but days, people!). We had a nice afternoon out. We got home after dark, but I was determined to have fun in the mushy/perfect snow. Jacob and I started with a cute little snow man. Mom even came out to play with him.

After a snowball fight, we had some serious fun in the dark on the ATV. We needed my weight in the back and Jacob’s recklessness up front for a full experience but once we figured it out we had a blast, until we overheated the poor thing and had to leave it sitting in a field.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

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  1. I, too, enjoyed the white Christmas on the other side of the state with my family! Sounds like you had a lot of fun on break!

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