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Cookie Night with the Singles

Posted on Dec 4, 2009 by | 0 comments

Kate is my BFF here at the College. She also happens to be our amazing LDSSA president. She has really dived into the calling I left her 😉 And is doing an amazing job, especially with the recent change in leadership. Her first year in “office” she took cookies to everyone on the books, cookies she had baked herself. My friend Kate is very realistic, and sharp. She knew that a repeat of that would be more than a challenge, so we all baked together. I offered to host the activity even though all the participants other than ourselves were from the singles’ branch. Jacob and I had the biggest kitchen and the group needed every inch of it!

There was a large group of us. Enough for each of the 4 kinds of cookies to have a team: sugar cookies, decorated with icing and sprinkles; peanut butter blossoms; M&M cookies; and molasses crinkles. And even more to entertain by playing the guitar for us.

Kate is amazing, organized, and driven. She knows what she wants and goes for it, I love her! She is also so full of determination to serve and follow the commandments, she is such a wonderful example for me.

This was most definitely the messiest and craziest FHE of my life! But also the yummiest. I wasn’t really prepared to be a cookie hostess. I didn’t have all the measuring cups and spoons I would have liked but the teams made due. And everyone had fun, which is the important part!

We took two group shots, in each a significant face was made. I picked the awesome woodchuck look as the winner.

We almost lost our island and our sanity to the
great icing fight of 2009
It was definitely odd being a psuedo-single for a night. My life is just drastically different these days, in a good way.

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