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Thanksgiving in the South

Posted on Dec 3, 2009 by | 0 comments

I am very grateful that the holiday decision was made for us this, our first, holiday season. Jacob’s Mom and brother flew out to California this December so we visited them for Thanksgiving and we visited my parents at Christmastime. Jacob had plenty of time off so we went down right after work on Tuesday, and stayed all weekend.

It is quite a long drive down there, we got in about 1:30. Apparently Marty, my Father-in-law, had tried to wait up for us and failed, he also failed to lock the door. He was so scared he jumped so high when he awoke to us in the doorway, and poor Daisy (thier cute new beagle) was barking all she could. Even with such a late night we were able to make it to the morning session at the temple, which if it wasn’t inapproppriate we could have ridden bikes to; it’s awesomely close.

The first night was delightful with an entertaining game of UNO Attack and aMazing chicken alfredo. Man that stuff will be the death of me…

Thanksgiving day was fill with snacking on fruits and veggies of all sorts and a fun walk with Daisy to the neighborhood park. She is so cute. My Mother-in-law, Linda, has a set of plates for every occasion. I love how her holiday settings come out wonderful every time!

Marty had been bragging about a shiatsu massager pad that he loves at the moment. Jacob wanted to give it a try, but I think he might have called it something closer to jujutsu! I guess the poor boy just didn’t have the padding to take it in properly. And me, being the loving empathetic wife, took pictures of his pain 😉

Saturday we went out to the swan park. There were lots of pretty birds and some ugly ones too. Jacob was so good at feeding them. HE would ball up the bread and throw it deep in the water. We loved watching the ducks especially dive for it, they would be fully submerged. I, however, was frightened by the masses of fowl and usually threw bread away from me so they would chase it.

Jacob did encourage me to be more of a brave little toaster.

Thanks Allreds for a wonderfully fun Thanksgiving vacay!

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