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Luxurious Snow

Posted on Feb 2, 2010 by | 1 comment

I am so blessed. The snow started Friday evening, after we had gone to bed. We woke up Saturday to inches of snow and still falling. This was the perfect set up for me to get all my homework done. I was also smart and got us a few movies from the library so we had some distractions from cabin fever. Church was cancelled, which Jacob and I were really disappointed about. I think this year I’ve gone to church maybe once, and the rest of the semester seems to have my Sundays just as tied up with traveling to all of these schools, boo. But Sunday afternoon, after some picking up and scripture study the cabin fever was starting to get me. After I threw a bit of a passive aggressive fit, Jacob responded with a tackle and told me we were going out. So we walked through CW. It was beautiful, being covered in snow and photographers. I was happy to get out and see the town in its winterwear.

Jacob is one lucky dog. William and Mary was 2 hours late (10 am start) on Monday for me, however work was postponed until 11 but then officially closed for my husband. I’m grateful for it. Our apartment parking lot was taken care of Monday afternoon but earlier I depended on my 4-wheel drive to get me out. I was worried about him traveling safely in the snow. I worked all day, drawing all morning and a few hours in the afternoon, organizing lab, and lifting in the afternoon. I got home and Jacob had cleaned up the house and even made me a romantic dinner of homemade macaroni and cheese (my favorite!!). He mainly rested all day; he deserved a day off. And I am happy to be caught up on my housework 😀

Picking schools and working on my thesis alongside of normal readings and homework with practice too has turned out to be a bit much for me. But my husband and my Heavenly Father are keeping me on track by helping me stay focused and easing my steps when I feel overwhelmed.

I leave on a jet plane Thursday to visit Rice University. I’m so excited!

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