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Visit to Rice University

Posted on Feb 11, 2010 by | 2 comments

Last Thursday I flew down to Houston. It was the first time I had ever traveled by myself (other than being in my own truck). I was nervous thinking about it but the actual doing was quite easy. I was excited for the trip and I think my fellow travelers could tell, that or they were very talkative themselves, because both of my flights I sat next to a chatty guy. It definitely helped me keep my mind off of traveling and motion sickness etc. The first travel buddy and I talked about hampton roads a ton and our jobs and spouses. My second travel buddy was a Houston native (I could here the Texas in his voice for sure!) and spent the trip convincing me and the man on my other side, who was also interviewing for jobs, that Houston is the place to be. I didn’t feel sick at all going to Texas. Yay!

First thing I saw when I landed in Texas:

Second thing I saw:
No one would ever wonder which airport they were in if they wandered around the Houston airport, they definitely show their Texas and their Houston pride!

Friday was all chemistry stuff. I met three experimental physical chemists and also chatted with the chair of the department one-on-one. They were all so kind and I felt so comfortable there. I toured the facilities, they have lots of fun instruments, more than I expected for a school of their size. I just can’t even believe how much I liked it there!

The grad students did a great job of showing us around Houston (at least the area around Rice) on Saturday. It was a nice, unsupervised time to chat, see some housing and get a feel for how they lived and what their priorities are. I can definitely see us there and those kids being my friends.

Saturday evening they took all us recruits to a musical, Wonderland. It was a modern day retelling of, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland. I really enjoyed it, and should totally make big life decisions based on how they decide to entertain 😉

One down, I think I have 4 more. And although I was nervous mid-last week, I’m nothing but excited for all of my upcoming trips. I know that they will help me make my decision in a way that websites and such just can’t do. If you have a chance though, give Jacob a hug, he deserves any and all the support he can get while trying to survive support me during this stressful time in my life


  1. I'm glad you had a great time and met some cool people! Its great that you get a chance to travel and see many different parts of the US before you make your decision. Sooo exciting!!!!

  2. That's actually funny that you had a houston native to show you around. Those are rare! Seriously, most everyone around here is a transplant. Not sure why that is…

    So glad you had a great time! Sure looks like you're having fun checking out many different schools all over! Enjoy being spoiled, you deserve it!!!

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