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Day = Night

Posted on Mar 21, 2010 by | 0 comments

Today was the first day of spring. It was pretty amazing. I love being able to open the windows. It is possibly my favorite thing in the world to do, not playing sports or drawing, well maybe hugging my husband, but opening the windows to a nice breeze and bright sunshine is a wonderful gift. I’m really not much of an outdoors kind of girl, I hate bugs and grass makes me itchy even just thinking about it. I do like to climb trees and the woods is a very comforting place for me, but in general I enjoy bringing the outdoors in. And we were able to do that today. In the mid-afternoon we cleaned up the house a bit and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

I didn’t throw very well today. The first meet of the season went well for a lot of my teammates but the snowy winter was long for me and I think getting back into my track groove will take a few weeks. But Jacob took me out for a short date to Coldstone and the park. There just isn’t anything like eating melting chocolate strawberry affair out of a waffle cone with Jacob’s arm around me in the sunshine. Nothing.

Although we look pained in this picture, I assure you the treat and date was anything but.

I mean really does this look painful?

Maybe to Jacob, because he is sick and is not allowed to share food (so he won’t get me sick *crosses fingers*). That could be painful.

Some math homework and cooked dinner later, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our cute guests, Kate and Jim. We chatted so much over milk and cookies! We played with Jacob’s Jumbo Jenga set. It was a ton of very violent fun. I guess I should just be happy the night ended without any dents added to any persons or vehicles, not all of Kate and I’s double dates go so well, heh.

Overall a pretty awesome start to spring. April showers better not come along and ruin anything, including my track season!

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