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Officially, my career at William and Mary is now over. Sunday was Graduation. Both sets of parents drove in for the festivities. And my sister and Jonathan came in to, although not how they had originally planned.
Rachel spent last week in San Antonio for a business trip. The hurricanes on Friday delayed her flight out of the city until there were no more flights to Roanoke, so she ended up flying straight here. Jonathan had to drive by himself, through the hail to get here; I’m grateful he was safe and decided to join us through after all the trouble.

We celebrated Saturday night with a feast at the local Mongolian grill. And then I caught up with Christina and Katie to enjoy the amusing and beautiful candlelight ceremony later in the evening.
As the light was passed through the crowd of graduates I enjoyed the idea that this was just a illustration of what we did while we were here: grew in knowledge and wisdom from each other without noticing and instead focusing on just not trying to burn each other bald but in the end having a bright light in the darkness for all the world to see.
Or maybe that was just us chem majors? 😉

Dr. Orwoll is retiring this year. I’m so lucky to have had him as a mentor and professor and friend these four years. And I love those Stanford robes!

Amallie and I met up on Sunday morning for the walk across campus. My roomie is too much fun, watch out.

I felt like I was famous, the bridge was surrounded by families looking for their graduates for photos. The feeling might also have a little bit to do with the running and mad photography-grabbing skills of Amallie’s cousin, whose job was to capture the event for Amallie’s dad who is across the globe at the moment.

When they called for the Chemistry students to stand, if you listened hard and tilted your head just right, you could hear a “Goooooooo Becccca” from the fans whose cheer is always heard when you mix basketball courts and becca mikulases, aka my mom.

And just like that it was over.

But not before we had a lot of outtakes and were handed our degrees.


I did have to show everyone around lab. I love my lab and all my toys. I’ll miss them and my friends. Fo Sho.

And not only will I miss this amazing building, but this amazing rock of an advisor, Dr. Harbron.

No event is complete without a piggy back ride. (eternal truth, right there). Both Christina and I tore our gowns piggy-back riding. Best sacrifice for friendship, hands down.

Happy Graduation, you crazy fellow Tribesmen!

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