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On the morning of 21 years

Posted on May 7, 2010 by | 0 comments

This morning I awoke to Root Beer for breakfast 😀 The breakfast of champions for sure. So much for not drinking before 10, ha.

Than Jacob let me open my gift from my sister before he left for work this morning. Rachel and Jonathan (via Jacob) got me an awesome amazing Bamboooooooooo!

Now I can doodle to my hearts content. Ok so I haven’t quite figured out how it works yet, but it rocks. My bamboo is a side tablet on which I can draw and move the cursor, like a mouse, but with a stylus pen so it’s more controllable. I’m so so excited.

I only have one more Final left. Applied Statistics went well, now only Differential Equations stands between me and graduation!

My defense went well on Tuesday, even though I stumbled through some of the questions. And I found out yesterday that I received high honors. YAY!

Oh and here is my first doodle on the bambooooo:

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