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Our New City

Posted on May 31, 2010 by | 1 comment

I’ve only lived in two places my entire life, three if you count a one month exchange program in middle school but I barely counted my college town as a place of residence before I was married and changed my permanent address. I’m not always very good at putting into word what I observe but often a visit to a new place is described to be “like Roanoke.” It seems a weak description, especially as I use it in very diverse circumstances. In my defense, Roanoke is a very diverse place. I spent the majority of my time there in Botetourt and the downtown area. I grew to know southwest pretty well before I left but anyway… it has a lot of different kinds of places and people. I also have no other point of reference unless you count this one house tourist trap…haha. So everywhere seems to be like Roanoke for me.

Including New Haven.
My new hometown has a towering hill overlooking the city that is topped with a monument. East Rock is the Mill Mountain of New Haven.
The downtown area isn’t lined with many skyscrapers, but has much more food than I remember my old stomping grounds had and of course, there is this college or university or something that invades the streets with stoney buildings. Oh Yale…
On our first weekend there we found the town’s Paul’s Deli. It isn’t actually named Paul’s, that would just be awkward. But it is their sports memorabilia lined sandwich shop. I told Jacob I felt a little uncomfortable there, like I was cheating on my sweet W&M. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to switch, but maybe after a few home ice hockey games I’ll change my mind.
The whole point of the extended weekend was to find home up there. After a few horrible showings we found a quaint little second-floor two bedroom place with room for a home office for Jacob. We walked to my chemistry building after seeing it; the walk took 15 minutes, perfect! Plus we are right on the bus line if I get lazy, but I might just make Jacob drive me in on nasty days, what else has he to do anyway? So yay! We also live about a block away from a beautiful park on a river at the foot of the tall East Rock.
We move up in late June. Jacob has already made me start packing. Sheesh, it isn’t like I have that much stuff, haha. My parents are already preparing to ride the train up to visit instead of driving, so cool.
The drive was really taxing, on our health and our wallet. We came back with something that took us out of commission all week. Fevers, headaches and nasty coughs that were apparently the nastiness of bronchitis or something. But also I just happened have the driving shift up during rush hour through New Jersey and under Manhattan. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost about a decade or so from my life. Who would ever want to drive through that on a regular basis?! Not us, we will be happy to only check out the many states north of our nice city, instead of venturing south. 😉

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  1. Sounds like you have a great new home to move to!

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