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It’s Alive! (The Internet Version)

Posted on Jun 25, 2010 by | 0 comments

Holy Smokes we are in New Haven!! We have been for a week now but Jacob just got the wireless working. Before that the only way I could get on the interwebs was by my phone (which doesn’t get very good reception in our apartment) and on Jacob’s bathroom breaks for work. I am so happy to not be isolated anymore! Woot.

But isolation is sometimes good. I’ve done a bit of unpacking and a fair amount of shopping and reading. I even ventured a bus ride to downtown to pick up books and drop off packages (The Federal court on the New Haven Green is labeled “Post Office”, I almost went through a metal detector to ship a gag-gift. Sheesh.).
Decorating is moving right along, I have a bit more picked out that we haven’t bought yet. At least the bathroom privacy screen is no longer a trash bag, instead some cute blinds. Tag sale-ing (the yankee word for yard sale) might fit in our plans tomorrow, now that our couch is removed from our truck. So much to say about the move including: our couch not fitting through the door of our new house, being grateful for off-street parking, and learning just how different Jacob’s and my driving habits are…
Today’s Moment of Zen: Mr. Fix-it = Magneto (but for plastic)

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