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Posted on Jun 13, 2010 by | 0 comments

This weekend has been wonderful. I’ve been struggling all week with this whole leaving the state thing. I love my family and my hometown. I love my husband and my new hometown. And it is so hard to leave. I love being in new places and meeting new people (side note: I don’t love trying new foods, just ask Jacob about our pizza eating habits). But change, isn’t that something we are all a bit resistant to?

However, everyone is helping me make my last weeks at “home” easier.
I visited my parents and they helped me pick out fabric for my new place’s curtains. Mom and I shopped for two full days to find the perfect window treatments. We cleaned chicken coops and cooked a lot in my mom’s brand new redecorated kitchen. Dad grilled, got my truck inspected, and chatted with me about houses, money and live (as always :D). Rachel hung out with me every single night! She also relaxed with me in the pool for a bit. I had such a blast. My poor husband was left all alone for a full week.
At church on Sunday people asked where I was. “Oh at her mom’s,” he would reply. Oh, when will she be back, one inquired. “I’m not sure.” I might have to set them all straight this Sunday that we weren’t fighting, haha.
Kate came over yesterday and kept Jacob and me packing for hours straight. She is such a good worker bee and has helped me and Jacob with both of our most recent moves. Plus we got to see her lovely face! I sure am going to miss her and her ridiculous similarity to my man; I guess you could say they are my “type”, haha.
Today, Jacob took me to the beach. He knows I love to play in the water. He even bought us some boogie boards to float on and catch a few little waves with. They were fun but we got tuckered out pretty fast. We enjoyed the last of our reasonably warm ocean days, similar ones we might not see for six years. After our last rides on the waves, Jacob insisted we find some kids who look like they could use some fun too. He is too cute sometimes.
We wrapped up the afternoon with a final clean out of his office at work, a quick run through the MacArthur Museum in Norfolk (that has to be the best kept secret of the town!), and winding-down on the couch watching the Time-Traveler’s Wife.
The movers come Thursday morning. The packing seems endless and eternal. Our house is a mess, at least we still have computers unpacked to play, er work on.

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