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Posted on Jul 20, 2010 by | 0 comments

When Jacob and I were first exploring our new library I ran to the science fiction area to pick up the C. S. Lewis book I hadn’t quite finished before the move. Jacob wandered over to the Orson Scott Card area and picked me out a new book. He handed me the book Pastwatch the Redemption of Christopher Columbus.

I’m pretty sure that the Lewis book I read, That Hideous Strength, was my first sci-fi novel. It was really slow at first but picked up and had plenty of action as well as slow lecturey scenes that gave me lots to think about. I do wish I had read the beginning of the trilogy first, whoopsies. I’m sure it is good as a set.
So moving right on to another science fiction book made me a little leery but I loved it. The story was filled with wonderful intelligent people who wanted to make the world a better place. There was a passion and drive that shone through all the characters that was mesmerizing. I also loved the anthropological aspect of the researchers. It was so enjoyable to read about their observations and then too see their assumptions clash against real reactions. I just couldn’t put it down 😀
I’m still trying to finish my Book of Mormon before orientation. I’m not even halfway through Alma yet but there is hope! I do need to find another something to read. My days are long and once this sunburn is fully healed I think I’ll be heading back to the beach.

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