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Connecticut, the Early Weeks: Craig’s List

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 by | 0 comments

Our first week in town, Jacob and I scoured the thrift stores and furniture shops for various pieces to add to our home. Perhaps it was a bit premature because our apartment was still full of boxes and there wasn’t anywhere to put furniture but we were excited to get organizing and comfortable. However, there was a little problem. The mover’s had put our couch in the back of my truck for lack of a better place, so before we could purchase something and specifically take it home we needed to get rid of our couch. First we pushed it at church and institute. But everyone seems finely settled so we put it up on craig’s list.

This was my first experience with the site for selling. I felt like a lot of the prices for couches listed were unfair or pricey, like stained-looking very used couches for over $200, the typical price was closer to $400 with plenty of listings in the thousands. I don’t really feel like paying thousands for a used couch, but that could totally be a personal decision. Jacob and I were ok posting our couch for only $100. It was much better than the other couches but we only paid about two ourselves for the thing and have had it for over a year. We also offered delivery (why not since it was already in the back of the truck). I think that is really what sold it. So many people don’t have furniture transportation, especially around here. I’ve seen a lot more Prius cars and bumper stickers such as: SUV drivers should be drafted first. So yep, delivery was the dealmaker. Poor little-car people 😉
We put the ad up on Thursday night before bed, and woke up to several emails telling us there hadn’t been a price posted, whooppsies. We fixed that around 8 in the morning and had the couch delivered by noon. It was so great to get it gone so fast, help out someone who had just moved into town, and get a couple bucks in our pocket. Yay for successful first attempt at using something that’s been mainstream for years! (Like me and my recent skype escapades. But I’ll tell you what, my dad loved his father’s day gift of a webcam and a tour of our home from hundreds of miles away, woot!)
I wouldn’t want to list everything I ever wanted to get rid of but the effort is so worth it for anything nice/of worth you do want to see gone. Bye bye nice couch. You will be sorely missed, unless we get recliners then there will be no more room in my heart to remember you.

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