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Connecticut, the Early Weeks: Seat Love

Posted on Jul 5, 2010 by | 0 comments

We found a couch!! We found a couch!! We cound a fouch, uh…

Ever since we arrived in this silly state and found out that our couch wouldn’t fit through the doorway of our crazy old house we have been on the hunt for a new seating arrangement. Weeks of looking and deciding and measuring lead us to a furniture warehouse up the road in West Hartford. We sat on all of their fabric recliners and fell in love with a light brown loveseat.
We set our hearts on a recliner early in our search. Jacob knew there was no other way of getting a piece of furniture up into this apartment. And I just love plushy couches, my heart sank everytime I toyed with the idea of some boxy low-back modern (or is it retro?) thing that I could never use the armrest as a pillow.The loveseat was chosen out of the set because the full couch only reclined on either end and we didn’t want to be miles away (at least in cuddling distance) when we both wanted to be reclined. It turns out that was a better decision than expected because a) it fit into the back of my truck perfectly when we yanked off the backs (the just clip on) and b) our living room isn’t taken over by a humongous piece of furniture, just a cute one.
Jacob had to take apart the seats because we were too wimpy to carry all billion pounds of the two-seater up our stairs. We brought it up the stairs in four pieces.

I love that we could take it home and deliver it ourselves because it all came apart. So now we have a place to rest our heads (and feet) and be together too.

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