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Free is Good

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 by | 1 comment

My amazing friend Ruth had a giveaway on her blog recently. With my two entries (out of 6), I actually won! The prize was free business cards. I am obsessed with graphic designing right now, and by that I mean I like to play in photoshop in my spare time. What spare time you ask? I ask the same thing. But anyway, Jacob helped me design some really sharp business cards that play off of my two hobbies at the moment, chemistry and graphics. The order came really fast and they are nice and glossy with wonderfully bright colors (just how I like ’em). I’ve really enjoyed having these. I’ve handed a few out when people need my email and don’t know my name. They are even a pretty piece of paper to write a phone number on if you need to share that too.

Thanks Ruth for your fun giveaway!
(So apparently I wrote this back in March, when I actually won the gift…I just forgot to push the publish button…fo’ real thanks Ruth!!!!)

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