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My Best Friend, In Connecticut!

Posted on Jul 29, 2010 by | 0 comments

Last Friday Kate and I hung out allll daayy long.  It was wonderful.  She came up with her family to visit an aunt in Danbury.  I picked her up on the gloomy-weathered day and I showed her my new apartment and my new city. Kate and I caught up a bit and laughed that this was probably about as long as we would have gone without seeing each other (outside of lab) when we lived close together. We shared a yummy pizza for lunch but it was hard to do too much exploring (or picture-taking) in the rain.  So we wound up furniture shopping and laughing at some styles and adoring others.

Soon I took her back home (nicely timed for when Jacob stopped working, if I do say so myself…).  We ended the evening competing in a contest for world domination.  And yes I mean Risk.

We played Nuclear Risk, which is the only way Jacob taught me.  It was a dangerous venture.  For instance, I was holding Australia and its islands when Jacob invaded and took over.  Bleh.  So I was determined to take Africa from him in revenge.  I put all my men in the Middle East to prepare my attack but on my first roll I rolled triples and the area destroyed was, well, the bloody Middle East.  Gahh.

Kate was pretty intense about lining up her men.  We appreciated her enthusiasm but perhaps the giant swedish fish didn’t. War is quite unpredictable, eh?

We all ended up on the board until the very end, when I literally won because I was in a dead zone when both Kate’s and my last countries were destroyed by nukes.  It was pretty epic.

The game took all night, I think we might’ve gotten poor Kate in trouble but it was kind of a case of life or death.  You know, who would live who would die?

I’m so happy my bestest friend Kate came to visit me!  It really brightened up my week.

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