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Road Trip With the ‘Rents: Massachusetts

Posted on Jul 20, 2010 by | 0 comments

We didn’t stay long in the state of my parents’ old workplace. We breezed through Boston over some gorgeous bridges and under the city in its new tunnel. It was so pretty and I can’t wait to explore it more.

We floated down the back roads but didn’t see much more than trees. The shoreline is much more protected in Mass. We did stop in some antique stores. I found a lovely old toy sewing machine. And there were plenty more stores in Plymouth where we dropped anchor for a peek at some history.

The Mayflower II resembled my dear boats in Jamestown. The town all over in fact was full of Ye Ole Everything which made me realize how sick of it I am (an not homesick :P). I didn’t think I would be so hostile towards our nation’s history but it looks like Williamsburg wore me out. But of course we had to see Plymouth Rock. It was pretty small and apparently not even where the landed but just a feel-good tradition of having our nation’s foundation built upon a rock. Way to go pilgrim kids.

We then took off for the cape but realized soon that it was a place of retreat instead of excitement and just rested our heads another night outside of Rhode Island after a long day of driving.

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