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Road Trip With the ‘Rents: New Hampshire

Posted on Jul 19, 2010 by | 2 comments

My parents came up this past week and kidnapped me from my dear husband. I think he quite enjoyed the quiet and lack of annoying disturbances in his day but I’m sure he missed my cookin’. I gave them a quick tour of our little apartment while Jacob was on his lunch break. They loved the high ceilings and kicked the oil tank (figuratively) but then I threw my suitcase in the ‘burb and we were off!

We drove up to their old homes outside of Boston. I really enjoyed seeing the towns where they lived before they moved down south. I think they liked taking the trip down the old roads. We ended up in New Hampshire for the night, after a stop in the candy store.
Is that not the giantest nonpareil you have ever seen?
We got a room on the strip in Hampton Beach, NH. It seemed like a time warp a bit with the old drug stores and open arcades. There were no high-rise hotels just little 2 or 3 story hotels and bed and breakfasts. Ours had wonderful a porch to sit on and enjoy the sight of the busy street and the beach on the other side of it.
The strip was full of vendors from wordy t-shirts to henna tattoos to fried dough. We walked up and down the strip enjoying the nightlife. Then we spent the evening on the porch watching some fireworks and loving the smell of the ocean.
The next morning I woke up the fam extra early to go walk on the beach. Mom and I had a blast getting sand in our toes. We even hiked up our shorts and traversed the sea to a little sand bar where everyone else was crabbing.
I now know where I got my love for the ocean. We walked up and down the beach and mom and I could have stayed for weeks.

But we wanted to explore more of this fair land so we took off. Dad drove us north a few miles to ogle at the beautiful homes in New Hampshire. They were lovely and a lot of them had mother-in-law houses in the back larger than my parents first home in Wilmington, MA. We turned south and before we knew it we were in Massachusetts.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Mike's grandparents are on a mission in NH right now…

  2. …sorry I didn't complete my thought. Lol.

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