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Road Trip With the ‘Rents: Rhode Island

Posted on Jul 22, 2010 by | 0 comments

Friday was the last day of our little adventure.  We crossed the Massachusetts border and some very high bridges into southern Rhode Island.  We tooled around and found a little state park beach. We honestly sat on the beach all day.

The beach was narrower from dune to waves than saltwater beach I had ever been too.  And it filled up quite fast.  It was more fun that way.  The day started out gloomy, I even felt a few drops of rain during the first hour but perseverance payed off.  During the lunch hour the sun came out and the day actually warmed us up enough to brave the waves.

Mom and I went in and were battered by the waves.  They were wonderfully large and every one had to be jumped to keep our heads above water.  We were surrounded by boys who were frustrated by the crowd impeding their body surfing opportunities.  Mom wore shoes because it was so rocky getting out to waist deep, but once we were out there it was sandy so my feet weren’t too traumatized.  My mom loves water!  It was great fun just hanging out in the waves with her.  I think dad napped all day.  Ok maybe not but we did rest plenty.

I seriously became a tomato.  It was painful to get dressed for the first few days after the trip, and it is just today that I am not resistant to laying on my side.  Dad drove us back here where Jacob and I set up the airbed for their last night in the Yankee north.  Mom and I walked around downtown enjoying the evening and seeing the beautiful campus.  We even picked up a gift for her mom while we were perusing the bookstore.  I love hanging out with my mom.  I can’t wait until they come to visit again!

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