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Sewing Machine Status: Unpacked

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 by | 1 comment

This week has been pretty chill (activity-wise not heat-wise). We are really close to being done with unpacking but we were pretty frustrated with the heat so we would try to beat it by going shopping and then ended up with stuff, like food and Risk.

I’ve never played Risk before, and Jacob kills me every time we do now, but I love playing with him. It is fun and just something new for us. I also really liked finding it in our neighborhood thrift store Savers. It is such a nice store and as far as we can tell we are only missing one army guy from our set, not too shabby.
This afternoon Jacob and I were set apart in our new callings. He is a Den leader for our ward’s cub scouts and I am a solo primary teacher. I think Jacob is really going to like his new calling! I am happy to have mine as well. I don’t even know which age group I am teaching yet. A family with 15 children just left the ward so some rearranging I think is being done in their wake. I hope I get some young ones.
Today, while my dear was sleeping, I cranked out my first sewing project of the new state. Well, I guess I did that last night by adding weights to my curtains but today I made a tote bag!! I’m so proud of it. It was sillily simple but it was a success! I followed this “totetorial“.
I woke Jacob up to go to our cookout and I had it on my shoulder. Where did you get that, he asked. I just made it, I informed him. Haha. It will be a nice primary materials bag for me on Sundays. Maybe I’ll try this one next, if I actually want to pay for a pattern. It’s an uber cute purse for sure.

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  1. That's exciting you already got callings! I like the tote bag, too.

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