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A New Chapter Begins

Posted on Aug 23, 2010 by | 0 comments

Thursday, Jacob and I spent the morning at the DMV waiting in line for our new licenses.  We are officially residents of Connecticut now!  To celebrate my last day of summer and to not waste the long lunch that had to turn into a half day off for Jacob, darn lines and waiting, we ran out shopping in search of a dining room set.  As usual when we head to the other end of town, we stopped by the Railroad Salvage store.  This place is full of cheap new furniture and old old old stuff, like cans of orange paint from the 60’s.  The best part is all the prices are cut in half at the register so even though that spool of thread said it would be 50 cents, it’s really only a quarter.  We just enjoy wandering through looking at the old stuff too.

After we left Jacob and I went off in search of another store like it.  We ended up in a town over 40 minutes northwest of our home and the only store we really wanted to go in was closed.  But then we saw this:

What what, everything in the store is a dollar, or more!? That sounds so…unique.  I mean can you think of a store that has prices like that, oh yeah every single store I’ve ever been in!  Anyway, we just had to go in.  This place was a dollar tree on steroids.  The items covered the walls to the more than 20 foot ceilings.  And we wandered around and enjoyed finding such gems as this:

WELLCOME! Excellent puzzle. I think a failblog all its own could be started out of this store.  Maybe the saddest part is that we did actually give them our money in exchange for some twist ties and paintbrushes, blast you cheapness from china!!

Friday was the first day of orientation.  I went in and was able to pick up my ID! Yay for free bus rides and library usage and gym usage and cool tapping ability.  I ran into another p-chemist I met at the recruiting trip and bonded with because we went bowling instead of pub-crawling.  It was nice knowing someone else on the tour for grad students.  We laughed at dropping acid on buildings, Gibbs’ old home, and the dorm sitting where an old chemistry building used to be.

I was able to laugh on the inside when I saw the original Yale building.  Connecticut Hall would fit better in Williamsburg than New Haven.  It is a beautiful old brick building that had too much history to tear down when they did so to the rest of the campus to build it up in gothic style.  They actually built up an entire block around the building to hide its roots.  Hilarious.  I hope I never hide my roots like that just to imitate some cool place in England.  Oh Yale.

Later that night I made the mistake of letting Jacob buy a video game.  We don’t really do video games that often, except a bit of exercise action recently.  But with our new playroom Jacob wanted a game we could enjoy.  I like the game he picked out.  I grew up on Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo and Mario Galaxy has some throwbacks to the old games but we actually get to be cooperative on missions instead of waiting turns.  Its fun, but we have played it soooo much.  We gave up TV apparently just to replace it with awesome movies like Top Gun and fun games like Super Mario Galaxy, haha. 

Although we stayed up way too late trying to find power stars in various galaxies to rescue Princess Peach from mean Bowser, Jacob and I still got on the road to the temple before lunch time.  We ran up to the Boston Temple for a session.  We were kind of late because of all the beach traffic but they held the party of 4 so that we could join them.  The temple was so beautiful and I loved actually using a temple chapel.  I’m so happy we could make it up there for a session.  

Isn’t my husband just adorable.  I can’t wait ’till he passes that on to the next generation >.<

We’ll have to try out the Manhattan Temple next.  It could be fun taking the train to the temple instead of sitting in traffic on I-95 (I swear, did we even leave VA? 3 hours north to the temple in bad traffic on the same interstate, really?!).

I have one more week of orientation, just some more tours and finally a welcoming ceremony and the picking classes on Friday.  On the following Wednesday the fun begins.  

Fairwell Summer. Hello Real Life, nice to see you again.

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