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New Friends Around A Campfire

Posted on Aug 2, 2010 by | 1 comment

I spent the Friday morning in a whirlwind: buying blankets, exchanging an air pump, organizing clothes, making tin foil dinners, and packing up the car.  Jacob and I met up with 3 other couples in the mid-afternoon and took off for a camping trip in northwest Connecticut.  This was our very first camping trip together!  We had to purchase the essentials: tent, lantern, airbed.  But we also enjoyed going through our 72-hour kits and seeing what was usable and what was useless.

After putting up our very first tent, the men struggled to get the fire started but persevered!  And before long we were cooking up a storm of tin foil dinners and keeping warm by the fire.  We met a new couple on this trip: the Hustedts are so kind and so cool!

We enjoyed sitting around the campfire chatting and making s’mores with the most ginormous marshmallows ever made, they were at least 2 inches tall.  Jacob made a tin foil tent to warm up my chocolate, while I roasted my marshmallow.  The Gublers had neat roasters that turned at the push of a thumb, they also have an adorable 10 month old that couldn’t get passed around enough.  Annnnd they made a wonderful dutch oven peach cobbler, yum!

The night was cold and the outhouse a bit intimidating but I loved the night sounds.  The cool mountain air and woods made me feel like I was back home in Virginia.  We enjoyed our night in our new tent and hope to make camping a regular part of our lives and adventures.

In the morning, Kyle cleaned up the racoon attack, Josh and Mattie made us a scrumptious breakfast complete with fruit pancakes and bacon, and Jacob stoked the fire.  We packed up and on our way out of town stopped at the street fair.  Valerie found a fun ornament of an owl (like the loud one who “lullabied” us to sleep) and Jacob found a “cylclopedia” from 1882.

We then enjoyed a picnic lunch by some beautiful cascades before heading off to a river for some tubing.  I definitely fell out of the tube going down the rapids.  The ride was not exactly intense but inertia had some pull in the situation.  But it was all good and the best part was floating in a group and watching the fishies with my Jacob.

(Picture shamelessly stolen from Valerie’s Blog)

Thanks everyone for a great weekend! We can’t wait for the next group outing!

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  1. Yayayay! Love it! We will go again soon! HOOOOOOT HOOT!

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