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Posted on Aug 28, 2010 by | 0 comments

I am in the middle of being oriented.  I am so grateful to all the people who are making this transition easier for me from, honestly, complete sloth to full run.  Wednesday I begin taking classes, which will soon be accompanied by my teaching a few classes including early morning seminary and a chemistry review section.

Thursday, the dean of the graduate school welcomed us all and encouraged us to ask good questions and take part in all that New Haven has to offer.  Then we mingled at the President’s House.  I met some new faces from chemistry and it was so much fun to have a faux clique to run around and laugh about history students and organic chemists with.

Friday was twelve hours of pure chemistry.  I might not be the only one questioning my devotion to my new choice of life-path after sitting for hours listening to research and safety reminders.  But of course they fed us three not-quite-square but free meals with alcohol to try and keep us from running away on the first day.  One of my new physical chemistry buddies doesn’t drink either; it’s nice.  I was plum bloody exhausted afterwards and sooo grateful that Jacob picked me up afterwards.

What an adventure this is bound to be!

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