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Posted on Aug 17, 2010 by | 1 comment

Jacob took off this past Friday so that we could go on one last adventure before I head back to school.  Our adventure turned into a hike through the rain forest that was our second bedroom.  Jacob had a great idea to put an entertainment center in our back bedroom.  We actually found the perfect piece of furniture at a local thrift store and decided to dress it up with some paint.

While the paint was drying we started going through all those boxes, the last of our move.  The hard work paid off as now there are only a handful of boxes left, I have a sa-wheat sewing corner and we have a playroom! Jacob loaded up the new center with his freecycle-found reciever, speakers, and tape deck.  We attached an old monitor and bam, music and games whenever we want.

I made some curtains out of a pair of sheets for the windows.  I even made some ties out of the bags they came in.  Jacob not only hung those for me but also my living room curtains as well.

He was quite the worker bee!  I’m so grateful and happy to see my curtains on the windows.  My mom put so much time into helping me find the fabric and sewing these beautiful window dressings.  She is the best!  The curtains block a lot more light than I expected.  The room has always been the brightest (although the back room is coming up fast in that race with its neon colors!), so calming the light a little bit is great.

We also did some hanging.  Here is my lovely diploma above the piano, we also hung a shelf to hold the hymnal.  It is fun to sit on our little loveseat and have a painting and plenty of pictures to enjoy on the opposite wall.  Curtains and wall decorations sure to make the room more welcoming that the large empty walls before.  I love our tall ceilings, they almost make me feel small, :-D.

We were driving home after an ice cream break and saw a sign painted “Free” next to some bookcases.  Most of them were rickety wood but there was one sturdy metal case.  Jacob and I threw it in the truck and placed it in the back room for even more storage of books and papers. Yay for free!

It is so wonderful to me to see our new apartment transformed into a happy home.  There is still plenty to do but I loved our little “staycation”.

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  1. Awesome! You guys would love the GWO (what cool people call the 'good will outlet'). I love the blue paint you picked out, and your curtains! Oh, and there is ALWAYS free stuff on the side of the road – if it's on the curb, it's free! It's awesome!

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