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Wavefunctions, Fajitas, and a Buzz Cut

Posted on Sep 27, 2010 by | 2 comments

So my first month of school has been, uh, demanding.  I feel like I am constantly doing homework and I feel so far behind.  But to be honest, all of my first-year physical chemistry friends feel the same so at least we can have our Masochistic’s Anonymous meetings every week while working on our problem sets and labs.
The absolute best part about getting out of the house?? Coming home to meals, lots of new and tasty meals!  (Apparently, a bored Jacob is a productive Jacob.  Woot!)  Every time I look for something in the kitchen it isn’t where I last put it.  This is because Jacob has turned my kitchen into his own personal playground.  Not only has he moved everything around (which of course is more efficient because he has mad skills like that), but he has added quite a truck load (read FedEx truck-load) to our equipment.  We now have a beautiful cast-iron skillet, which is amazingly easy to clean.  He as also added a yogurt maker, new measuring cups, and I think a popcorn popper is on the way. I thought I married a cheap guy? Sheesh.  But hey, I’m not complaining: I get fed, without any time commitment on my part.  Well, I do try to mumble thank you through my full mouth, of course, I’m not an animal after all!

Yeah, Jacob may or may not be addicted to his uber easy to make fries.  They are pretty darn good too.  Now we can have Five Guys night right here in our own home whenever we want.  He is also doing a good job of making me eat vegetables.  Not only have I learned, in my first weeks at Yale, why Einstein had the EPR paradox wrong (which has convinced me that we are all connected, and part of the same wavefunction!), but also that I like green peppers, at least in fajita form.  I’m sorry Kate for knocking your idea that summer, we could have had such a beautiful summer of vegetables and chicken, instead of ramen and well ramen (just kidding, Kate!).

I have also learned not to let Jacob near the clippers:

“A 3 should be good, right?”
Riiioght….instead of Jacob I will now call him Jake because my man belongs in the movie Jarhead.  At least I can rub his head now for good luck this week on my very first exam in grad school.


  1. Fun post! You'll have to keep sharing all the new foods you guys are making! Sounds way fun and yummy!

  2. The best thing about messing up a haircut is that it will grow back eventually :). Fajitas are the best!

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