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Buildings and Birds

Posted on Oct 3, 2010 by | 1 comment

Jacob brought a little taste of our old hometown into our new home.  The past few weeks I have been working late in lab a lot.  So, to keep himself busy I suppose, Jacob has been doing more shopping.  One night he ran out to one of our local thrift stores and found a gem that is perfect for a sidetable next to our bed.

It is pretty, and has a huge top, which is great for all the stuff my hubby needs next to the bed: phone, tissues, chapsticks, alarm clock, and of course the knee pillow.  Plus it has some tiles making coasters unecessary.  The tiles have a wonderfule drawings of some comforting buildings from my dear Colonial Williamsburg, like the Governor’s Palace.

Wasn’t it sweet of him to think of me like that?  I love the tiles!

Jacob and I have spent the weekend watching General Conference and catching up with family a bit.  We’ve been putting our new popcorn-popper and air filter to good use.  And I’ve also been enjoying the time to just sit back a bit and sew some new birdies while listening to the general authorities speak on faith, gratitude and Christ.  Here is a peek.

I think of this picture as “lovebirds”.  I still need to outfit some of them with ribbons to finish them off as ornaments.  Indeed, the birds bring some simple happiness to my living room, and I hope they do the same for  Christmas.  Although with eleven birds now sitting on our mantle, Jacob had deemed it “creepy”.  I guess it is time to pack some into the Christmas box.  I just hope our tree isn’t too Hitchcock-esque.

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  1. Your birds are adorable! I'm always amazed at the things you create!

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