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The Sweet Smell of Fire

Posted on Oct 25, 2010 by | 1 comment

The past week I’ve really enjoyed the bit of fall I’ve seen.  Pumpkins, bright trees (especially the orange ones!), streets lined with the beautiful lost children of said trees, pretty jackets at church, facebook posts about corn mazes and pumpkin carving.

I really love fall; when asked my favorite season as a child I could never decide between spring and fall.  Winter was too cold and summer didn’t have school but spring and fall that’s where it’s at.  Anyway, I feel like this year I’m loosing touch with all traditions.  I haven’t even come up with our costumes yet, but I do want to know what other seminary-teaching first year grad student in physical chemistry has.  Sheesh.  Next weekend I’m determined to give at least one kid a piece of candy and carve up a pumpkin.  That sounded creepy didn’t it?

Although the cold has come early and I’m still getting used to it (mainly by piling on the layers), it also comes with some perks.  Jacob built me a fire after dinner tonight so we could read and enjoy the wonderful smell of fire and warmth.  I’m still taking it in.  And dreaming of s’mores.  It also reminds me of our honeymoon where he built fires for me so we could stay warm in our cozy cabin.

Jacob must have forgotten who he married when he started making dinner while I was napping today.  I not-so-kindly reminded him that broccoli is my sister’s favorite, mine is mac and cheese so he should start over:

Well, I guess there was at least cheese on it.  In exciting news, I finished my circuit for class yesterday.  I had to build it by reading data sheets, which at first glance are completely useless.  I’m pretty proud of my new proto-board skills.  Maybe I’ll make it in guy-land after all.

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  1. Yay for fall!!!! You're fireplace looks awesome, and yes you did sound creepy 🙂 haha, jk!

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