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Good Ole Vegetable Mutilation

Posted on Nov 30, 2010 by | 0 comments

I may not be one for dressing up but for some reason a Halloween without carving pumpkins is just wrong.  With so many new friends here in New Haven, Jacob and I thought it would be a good idea to have them over to join in on our tradition.  Everyone made it, except poor sick James, who I’m sure was happy to be kept company by rest and college football while his wife joined us for lunch and carving.

Valerie and I, for the past few weeks have been saying how we need to see each others homes.  And then it happened in the same week.  Daniel hosted a birthday party for Val.  We ate yummy soup and pizza and played pictionary on their TV (aren’t these weird times?).  It was a blast.  And I loved seeing their home and how lovely Valerie has made it.  Then they came over for the pumpkining.  Strangers no more!

We made some chili for lunch and our awesome guests brought all kinds of goodies like cornbread, pumpkin bread and drinks.  We ate lunch for hours just visiting.  Then started the carving our pumpkins.  I loved the collection of creativity that went into each couple’s pumpkin.  We had a sail boat, a spider, and some really goofy faces.

Thanks for an awesome Saturday morning, gang!

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