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A White Christmas

Posted on Dec 28, 2010 by | 1 comment

Christmas was wonderful.  We left our snowless north last weekend to arrive in the very white south.  I watched a bit of football with my dad.  I conquered the mall and Christmas shopping with my mom.  I made cookies and wrapped gifts with my sister.  And Jacob worked, was fed, and helped me get out some cards to our grandparents.  We had a nice restful week.

On Saturday morning we awoke to new snow, a beautiful White Christmas.  It was a merry one with chocolate and turkey, socks and board games, microwaves and phone accessories, baby blankets and most importantly: naps.

Yesterday was quite the adventure.  We were so worried about the blizzard warnings for the north east.  But our sold out train from Lynchburg to New York was not cancelled so we set out. The train was slow north of D.C. and we even had to stop a few times to deice the tracks.  Our train from the city to New Haven was cancelled.  We waited in lines to get another ticket on a different train but all that were still running were sold out.  The same Amtrak man who denied us a hotel voucher told us the Metro North trains were still running.  So we ventured the bowels of the city to get from Penn station to Grand Central.  The power walking with two suitcases, a purse and a computer was not trivial, but some how we made it to New Haven before Monday.  We are so happy to be home safe and sound.

Jacob started the shoveling this morning.  The depth ranged from 5 inches to over a foot because of the wind.  But with my new coat I was quite warm watching him work in the snow; pregnancy has its perks.  But it also has its disadvantages as I had to buy mom jeans this week.  Oh, how comfy that stretchy waistband feels on my growing belly!  I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the weather where ever you are.

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  1. Hey, don't knock the stretchy pants! They are awesome! I hope you all survive the rest of this crazy snow-filled winter.

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