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2 Years Ago

Posted on Jan 3, 2011 by | 0 comments

2 years ago I stayed up late with my young women’s leaders who wrapped my precious hair-do in toilet paper and chatted with me, not like I was one of their girls but one of their own.

2 years ago I ran outside to the courtyard of the hotel in the dark, after a 4 hour drive north to Maryland, to find my adorable fiance and snuggle with him in the lobby, without kisses of course!
2 years ago my family all felt late and rushed to the Temple and as we were pulling out of the hotel parking lot I realized I had lost my CTR ring that Jacob bought me, I demanded we go back and look for it but my parents wisely said we had better places to be.
2 years ago I had the entire bridal room to myself.  I felt like a princess in that empty Washington D.C. temple.  There was no rush inside those walls, just joy and peace.
2 years ago Jacob and I sat in the celestial room alone, holding hands on a couch and giggling and being extremely nervous.
2 years ago we held hands and promised each other, and God, eternity, with our fathers as witnesses.
2 years ago as my mother and kindest mentor Tonda and I were entering the elevator, I told them: That was easy! They just laughed.
2 years ago I freaked out when I realized I had forgotten the bouquet for all the pictures!  Tonda saved the day by finding it and my veil as well.
2 years ago my husband drove me away from the Temple and my family and friends and it simply washed over me that I was now his: his wife, his companion, his forever.
Happy Anniversary My Love!

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